Awards & recognition

Girlguiding Sussex Central County appreciates the service that leaders, coordinators, helpers and friends give which enables the girls and young women to enjoy and benefit from all that Girlguiding has to offer.

It is thanks to all the adults who so generously give their time and talents to Girlguiding that the girls can have so many opportunities and experiences. 

Girlguiding Sussex Central County recognises this through a range of awards for both young people and adults.

Awards for Young People

Sussex Central County Young Person’s Award

Awarded to a member under 18 for service showing outstanding courage in the face of adversity. Nominations from the unit leader with a supporting letter from one other person are made to the Awards Committee who will make the decision on the award.

The Guiding Star Award

A national award given to any member of Girlguiding (up to their 26th birthday) who has displayed exceptional courage or who has shown great initiative or responsibility.

Nominations with letters of recommendation should be made to the Awards Committee who will consider the nomination and if it meets the criteria will submit it to Region from where it will go to the National Awards Committee. 

Awards for Adults

Thanks Certificate

Given to any member or non-member either by Districts or Divisions in appreciation of a one off service locally.

County Commissioner’s Certificate of Appreciation

Given by the County Commissioner in recognition of a one off service to the County.

Thanks Badge

Given to any member or non-member of Girlguiding as a sign of appreciation for the recipient’s support over a period of time. This Award is usually given through the District or Division Commissioner and recognises service at a local level.

Thanks badge

Good Service Bar

Awarded by the County Commissioner, on the recommendation of the Awards Committee to holders of the Good Service Brooch who continue to demonstrate excellent service to the County over a period of five years or more. Nominations to the Awards Committee should include a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation.

Good Service Brooch

Awarded to a current member of Girlguiding in recognition of excellent service within the County which has made a difference to Girlguiding Sussex Central. Awarded by the County Commissioner, on the recommendation of the Awards Committee. Nominations to the Awards committee should include at least 3 letters of recommendation.

Good service

The Sussex Central Shield

The equivalent of the Silver Butterfly awarded to a man. Nominees will usually have already received a Thanks Badge. Nominations to the awards committee should include a minimum of 5 letters of recommendation.

GGSC Shield

Region Chief Commissioners Award 

Awarded for inspirational volunteering to exceptional volunteers who go above and beyond and who motivate and improve quality girl led guiding. Nomination is by the County Commissioner based on 6-8 letters of support submitted to the Awards Committee which will then be considered at Region level.

The ‘Girguiding LaSER Diamond Award’

Awarded to any member in the region under the age of 30 who has done something exceptional, as well as being a committed member of the organisation. This could be, for example, a Brownie who is also a young carer, or an adult leader who has made a significant contribution to Guiding outside of her own unit.

The ‘Girlguiding LaSER Make a Difference Award’

For groups within Units, Districts, Divisions or Counties who have made a significant difference to the lives of others through a community action project. This could be through fundraising or a practical project.

If a nomination is made to Region, please inform the Awards Committee.

Laurel Award

A national award given to an active adult member of Girlguiding in recognition of outstanding service to Guiding. Nomination is from the County Commissioner following discussion at the Awards Committee. Nominations to the awards committee require 6-8 letters of recommendation. 


The Silver Fish 

A national award that recognises what a member has achieved across the breadth of Girlguiding

The award is for an exceptional contribution to a wide section of Girlguiding, including international guiding either in the United Kingdom or abroad. This award may be given to an active adult member of Girlguiding or one of the Branch Associations.

National Honours

The honours system (BEM, MBE, OBE) recognise people who among other things have made a difference to their community or field of work or have given long term voluntary service. Nominations which include service to Girlguiding should be discussed with the Awards Committee. The committee will be pleased to offer advice on providing supporting evidence.

Any member of the County can nominate someone for an award. District and Division Commissioners will give advice on the application process. Please inform the Chair of the Awards Committee of the proposed nomination by e mail to

For documents relating to the Awards available in Sussex Central, the nomination form and application process, and details of our annual Awards Ceremony usually held in July, please see below.


Caroline Hitchcock

Any questions regarding awards please contact Caroline.

Caroline Hitchcock