Queens Guide Award

The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award that members can work toward in Guiding.

We encourage members to consider starting their Queen’s Guide Award.

The Queen’s Guide Award has been reviewed and launched on 27 March 2023.

The award is extended for 16-30 year olds; to be completed by the candidates 31st Birthday. The time limit remains 3 years, and breaks can be planned in if needed; up to 12 months taken in one go or split into smaller breaks.

The new look – the trefoil and crown symbolise the historic relationship between the late Queen Elizabeth and Girlguiding. 

The trefoil must always appear white on the GIrlguiding dark blue. The story behind the new design is the idea that stars can form clusters and constellations. This reflects the Guiding star in the trefoil which has 5 points.

The Award

There are 5 sections of the QGA and the 5 central stars signify each challenge of the award process.

The award is all about setting personal challenges and working hard to achieve them. The 5 sections have been retitled to:

  1. Person development challenge
  2. Guiding challenge
  3. Community action challenge
  4. Lead the way challenge
  5. Social experience challenge

Core skills – candidates will need to show how each activity has helped them work on 1 or more of the core skills and developed each at least once; resilience, teamwork, leadership, communication and independence.

The Queen's Guide Award Badge

Getting started

If you may be interested in the Queen’s Guide Award, this is what you need to do:

  • Take a look at the Award on the Girlguiding website
  • Read through the syllabus
  • Find a suitable mentor – i.e. someone who is a Queen’s Guide or has previous mentoring experience (this should not be a relative)
  • Draw up a plan
  • Purchase a Queen’s Guide Award record book
  • Meet with the mentor to agree the plan – this meeting forms the start date of the Queen’s Guide Award
  • Inform the county Queen’s Guide Award Coordinator of the date of the meeting and email a copy of the plan
  • The county Queen’s Guide Award Coordinator arranges for the start date to be entered on GO

County Queen’s Guide Award Coordinator

Gemma Farley

My name is Gemma and I am the county Queen’s Guide Award Coordinator for Sussex Central. I became a Queen’s Guide in 2009 and have first-hand knowledge and experience of what the Queen’s Guide Award entails.

If you think the award is for you, or someone you know, then visit the Awards and Qualifications page on the Girlguiding website and contact me to discuss.

I look forward to working with many more members to help achieve this fantastic award.

Gemma Farley