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Textiles collection – get involved

Help us to raise funds for projects across the county, including International. It is very simple and raises substantial amounts!

How you can help

All types of clothing, accessories and household fabrics, including shoes, bags, belts, hats, gloves, bed linen, towels and sleeping bags.

Please note we cannot accept

  • Clothing with school logo or work logos.
  • Footwear or accessories that show any heavy signs of damage or stains. (Certain tears, holes and/or rips ‘may’ be accepted if they are specifically part of the original manufacturing process/design.)
  • Any items that are originally sold as a pair such as footwear and gloves MUST be sent as a pair.
  • Cushion Covers, Blankets & Curtains

Please collect in bin liner bags with unwanted items.
(Do not overfill as they have to fit in the chute at the textiles bin)

Textile bins can be found at

  • Goodwin Way Car Park, Roffey, Horsham RH13 6SQ (behind Millennium Hall)
  • Horsham, Dukes Square Car Park, Denne Road, RH12 1GZ

All textiles are recycled and re-used both locally and globally by those who need them most. This saves many tonnes of textiles from going to landfill.

Any questions please email: